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Shipping & Returns


Shipping for all domestic orders within the 48 contiguous US states with a physical address is a flat rate of $7.50. 

You may also have your books shipped twice a month or weekly in the United States. There is a $7.50 additional charge per month if you would like twice a month shipments. There is an $15.50 additional charge per month if you would like weekly shipments. These options are only available for orders containing books.

All shipments sent outside the US will be sent through the US Post Office or FedEx. The shopping cart currently offers 5 options for international shipping. The cost of each option is based on the weight of the items in the order, including packaging. This is what you will be charged, when the order is charged, but it is simply an estimate of what we believe the weight will be if all items from that order ship together. The actual cost of shipping will be assessed to the order at the time of shipment. So, an APR18 order that ships at the end of June, will be labeled and the actual cost will be assessed to that order. If the cost is lower, a credit will be applied, or if it is more, an adjustment will be placed in the adjustment field of the order.

The options are as follows:

  • USPS Priority Mail International is insured and trackable and generally takes 7-14 business days from pick up to be delivered. We can also send very small packages by Priority flat rate envelope, but they are not able to be insured. Flat rate envelopes that are lost in transit cannot be replaced, because they are not able to be insured. If you wish to receive your orders by flat rate envelope, please email us, as we have to note your account and your acceptance of no insurance.
  • USPS International Surface Air Lift (ISAL) is the least expensive option and cannot be insured and does not have a tracking number. There are limitations to this option, such as, no package can contain more than $400 worth of printed matter. There are also size limits that prevent shipping of large printed matter items, such as artist editions or treasury size editions. Also, packages containing non-printed matter, which can be T-shirts, DVD’s, statues, action figures, games, or any toys cannot exceed 4 pounds. If your order contains items that would exceed the non-printed matter limit, this option will not be made available to you. ISAL packages are sent through a mail service that processes and transports them to the main Chicago O’Hare hub. These packages generally take 14-28 business days to be delivered to the customer, once they have been received at the main hub at Chicago O’Hare. All ISAL packages are picked up each Friday from our warehouse, by the mail service, and usually ship out from them on Wednesday of the following week and arrive in Chicago 1-2 days later. Because these parcels cannot be insured or tracked, we cannot replace lost or damaged packages sent by this option. Please note: UPS cannot pick up ISAL and IPA shipments until we have reached a 200 pound minimum. Shipments may be delayed going out until we reach this 200 pound minimum.
  • USPS International Air Mail (IPA) is a faster version of the ISAL option. All exclusions are the same, in that, parcels cannot be insured or tracked and they have the same size, value, and non-printed matter limitations. IPA packages take 7-14 business days to be delivered and generally are slightly less expensive than the Priority Mail option. We cannot replace lost or damaged packages sent by this option, because they cannot be insured or tracked.
  • Fedex Economy International is insured and trackable and generally takes 3-5 days to be delivered. 
  • FedEx Priority International is insured and trackable and generally takes 1-3 days to be delivered

If you would prefer to receive your shipment by USPS Express mail, please inquire for pricing. We do not currently offer that option through the shopping cart.

Please note: international shipments that are sent by ISAL or IPA are all processed and held throughout each week to be sent in one large shipment to the mail service each Monday and processed and sent from the consolidator's facility. DCBS only charges customers for the shipping cost of the package. The customer is responsible for all duties and taxes assessed by their respective country.

Please note: If you have your shipments sent to a freight forwarder rather than being shipped direct from us, we are not responsible for any damaged or missing items.

Q) Do you ship to PO Boxes, Hawaii, and Alaska?

A) Orders sent to PO Boxes, FPO, APO, Alaska, Hawaii, and other U.S. territories are sent by USPS and are subject to actual shipping costs. The flat rate shipping cost will be assessed to the order it is placed. When the order is packaged, the actual cost adjustments will be made to the order at that time. The only viable option for ground shipping to these locations is the US Postal Service and the rates are much higher than those we negotiate with our shipping carrier. Packages sent by the US Postal Service by this method are not insured, but may be insured for an additional cost. If customers do not choose insurance, we are unable to replace lost packages. Customers in these locations may also request Priority shipping either in flat rate boxes or by Priority Mail at actual cost. Please inquire for costs.

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