Gurren Lagann Gattai Infinite Combining Gurren Dan Lagann AF


Gurren Lagann can be displayed performing a variety of actions, such as using its Giga Drill Break! The sunglasses on its chest are detachable. A set of transforming sunglasses is included along with a pair of sunglasses for use with Gurren Lagann and a pair of sunglasses for use with Gurren Dan Lagann. Gurren Lagann's fully articulated joints can be moved to create action-packed poses even in combined form! Giga Drill Spark effect part made with translucent parts can be mounted to the front or back of the figure. Giga Drill Spark effect can be transformed into drill form and attached to its arm! Helmet for use in combined form, Giga Drill part and effect part can be combined to create a separate display piece. Set Contents: Gurren Lagann, King Kittan, Dayakkaiser, Twinboekun, Sawzorthn, Einzer, Kidknuckle, Mo-Shogun, Kiyalunga (weapon form only), Giga Drill parts for Gurren Lagann, 3 types of sunglasses (1x for transformation, 1x for Gurren Lagann, 1x for Gurren Dan Lagann), helmet for Gurren Dan Lagann, Giga Drill Spark effect.

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