Motu Origins Dlx AF Wave 6 Asst (Net) (C: 1-1-2)


From Mattel Toys. It's an exciting time to be a Masters of the Universe fan! For longtime fans and a new generation of kids who love adventure, now is the time to discover the thrilling action of He-Man, Skeletor, the secrets of Castle Grayskull and so much more! These 5 1/2' battle figures have several movable joints with up to 16 points of articulation for action scenes and power posing. Each figure features an attack capability for even more intense play and comes with extra accessories and swappable parts-including a special extra head! MOTU fans and collectors will appreciate the authentic styling that mirrors the 1980s originals. Each figure also comes with a mini comic book from a series that explores new story lines and introduces heroes, villains and allies in the timeless battle between good and evil! Choose from Thunder Punch He-Man and King Hiss!

  • Publisher: Toys & Models
  • Product Code: JAN232495
  • Expected Ship Date: 2/22/2023
  • DCBS Price: $96.90
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