Fearless Dawn #1 (of 4) Cvr A Mannion


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Get the first printing of this amazing series while it lasts! Jet riding good girl Fearless Dawn battles her arch nemesis Helga Von Krause in this mini-series from Steve Mannion. Fearless Dawn infiltrates the vaunted 'Manitoba Sector' to discover the secret behind Helga's chemically-induced Nazi Monsters. Meanwhile, all is not well back at home base when Fearless Dawn's boss discovers our hero has broken probation and flown the coop! Join us now as Mannion's beautifully rendered comic book tale unfolds in full-color glory! Fans of Mannion's The Bomb will love his new action-packed series.

  • Publisher: Asylum Press
  • Writer/Artist/Cover: Steve Mannion
  • Product Code: JUN221305
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