Illustrators Special #1 The Spanish Arts 3Rd Print (C: 0-1-2


The inside story of the Spanish Studio/Agency (Toutain Studio) that transformed the Warren empire and brought an unprecedented realism into comics! This glorious book from illustrators is lavishly illustrated and includes the following gifted Spanish illustrators: Enric, Sanjulian, José (Pepe) Gonzalez, Esteban Maroto, Luis Garcia Mozos, Jordi Bernet, plus Josep Toutain. Jordi Bernet: Bernet created comics' greatest anti-hero, the gangster Torpedo; Luis Garcia Mozos: The artist who brought to the fore a unprecedented realism into comics; Esteban Maroto: Known for his brawny barbarians and sultry maidens, we tour through this artist's fantastic world; Jose 'Pepe' Gonzalez: A young street urchin transforms into the foremost delineator of the most iconic female in comics history; Sanjulian: Not a favoured medium but his comic art would scale the greatest heights when revealed to an international audience; Enric: He was the premier Vampirella artist of the 1970s but there are many more beautiful women to be found in his work; Josep Toutain: The man who brought all these artists and many more together and promoted their work worldwide.

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