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    Crowbar 9 80 Page Giant Oneshot (MR)
    (W/A/CA) Steve McArdle The earth is under siege by an alien force from the unknown. Panic and fear is being fueled by the media. C.R.O.W.BAR 9...
    DCBS Price: $6.99
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    Dark Garbage & The Egg GN (C: 0-1-1)
    (W/A) Jon-Michael Frank Esther, a body builder, and Mona, a butterfly, embark on a strange voyage for an elusive elixir to restore their lost...
    DCBS Price: $12.57
    You save 30%!
    Santos Sisters #3
    (W) Greg & Fake, Graham Smith, Dave Landsberger And Marc Koprinarov (A/CA) Greg & Fake Why is Las Brisas being overrun with costumed criminals?á...
    DCBS Price: $3.00
    You save 40%!