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  • FALLEN-6-(C-0-0-2)
    Fallen #6 (C: 0-0-2)
    (W) Matt Ringel (A/CA) Henry Ponciano In an epic conclusion, Casper and the other gods have discovered they've been manipulated and pitted...
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    Prometheus In Chains #3 (MR) (C: 0-0-2)
    (W) Richard Davis (A) Jordan Direnzo (CA) Les Lindon Garner Prometheus stole fire from the Gods. Victor stole the secrets of life & death. He...
    DCBS Price: $3.47
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    We Are Scarlet Twilight #4 (C: 0-0-2)
    (W/A) Benjamin W. Morse Despite a valiant effort, Captain Lancet and the Maxie Militia's attack on Scarlet Twilight has failed-and the our...
    DCBS Price: $2.77
    You save 30%!